Altia HMIs drive an optimized user experience for automotive applications—whether that be while you’re driving your car or charging your car.

We’re excited to demonstrate our latest electric vehicle charging station HMI in a Phytec reference design based on the plyCore-AM62x System on Module at electronica 2022—November 15-18 in Munich. See the demo live with Texas Instruments in Hall C4, Booth 156.

More about the demo…

The EV charging station demo includes two touch-enabled screens—the first with a rotating car and an animated charging cable where the user indicates when the car is ready to plug in and when to start charging. The second screen informs the user about what time of day the vehicle will be completely charged, remaining time for charge, charging current and battery level with attractive and intuitive indicators. The platform under the status car on this screen glows with increasing intensity as the car charges.

Altia’s HMI development software—including Altia Design GUI editor and DeepScreen code generator—enables design teams to get first class graphics and an optimized user experience into production. Check out Altia’s pixels to production workflow in this video.

Here are details about the platform that Texas Instruments will be using to demonstrate this EV charging GUI.

PHYTEC Main Controller board:

  • Main Processor: TI AM62x
  • Main Board: PHYTEC phyCORE-AM62x SOM + phyBOARD-AM62x dev kit
  • Wi-Fi Sub-1 GHz Matter: M.2 Wi-Fi card, 2230 Key E form factor Wi-Fi and Bluetooth expansion module with TI WL1837MOD and TI CC1352P7
  • Power Line Communication (PLC): RED-BEET-P 1.1 PLC, HomePlug GreenPHY module Expansion card

TI Power Board: Texas Instruments TIDA-010239
European EV Socket Outlet: PCE socket-outlet type 2 e325
OS: Linux
Render Pipeline: OpenGL ES 2.0
Display: 10” Capacitive Touchscreen, 1920×720 resolution in the Portrait Mode

We invite you to check out the demo live at electronica 2022! Altia’s team will be at the show as well, so please let us know if you would like to meet to discuss needs for your next GUI project.

See you in Munich!