Automated Testing Services

Altia has developed a state-of-the-art set-up, process and system for advanced GUI testing of Windows-based systems and embedded targets. Our team creates a test plan suited to your project’s specific needs, executes the test and then provides configurable test results for review and certification.

Benefits of automated testing with Altia…

  • Significantly reduce time-to-market
  • Virtually eliminate human error in the user interface testing process
  • Greatly reduce the costs (time, effort, dollars) of GUI testing
  • Produce detailed reports and pixel-perfect screenshots from the target every time

How does Altia Automated Testing work?

  • Compares reference GUI designs with the identical GUI running on real-world embedded hardware.
  • Custom hardware interface captures the raw data stream going to the display and reconstructs the framebuffer dynamically
  • Provides a pixel-by-pixel analysis of the model based upon the reconstructed framebuffer
  • Completed in a fraction of the time of many other test methods due to automation
  • The only method that guarantees that the data sent to the display is used for testing.

Altia Automated Testing Services

Learn how to confirm pixel perfection with Altia Test.

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Selecting the right hardware for your UI is important. Check out our ever-expanding list of Altia DeepScreen targets.

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