Why Not Hand Code?

There are a lot of tools out there in the world to help get graphics onto the screen. It is nearly impossible to find a truly seamless end-to-end solution. Developers wind up bridging the gap between graphics and hardware with brute-force hand coding or rudimentary tool kits.

Altia is here to change that.

Better GUIs—Faster—with Altia

When you need to build a beautiful, branded graphical user interface, count on the tool teams all over the world use to get gorgeous graphics and the highest quality code into production. Count on Altia.

Denso and Altia Team Up to Win Clusters Year after Year

Denso International Americas chose Altia over hand coding. Together, we have built a winning partnership spanning multiple production programs.

The Problems with Hand Coding

Why do the most sophisticated engineering teams choose not to code by hand?

  • Artist’s concepts get lost in translation – your end product falls short
  • Great user experience is sacrificed for coding expediency
  • Switching hardware means rewriting all your code
  • No options to switch platforms in a chip shortage
  • Delays in delivery can be expensive for supplier and OEM
  • Working with ecosystem partnerships takes time and effort
  • Dealing with the integration of the partner ecosystems pieces is always a last-minute hurdle
  • Coding advanced features like 3D or augmented reality (AR) involves a different expertise
  • Coders are too valuable – you need them working on key business goals
  • When coder leaves company, expertise is lost
Artists to Developer to Engineer

Get Your Artist's Pixels onto Production Hardware

With Altia, there is no need for your engineers to hand code graphics. So the beautiful graphics created by your artist are the same graphics that go to market.

One Tool, Limitless Possibilities

Want proof that Altia’s GUI development solutions are cheaper than hand coding your GUI? Schedule a demo with us! We can show you how Altia works and run the Total Cost of Ownership breakdown with you on a live call.

Learn more about how Altia can quickly help your team get from concept to code.

See Altia's ever-expanding list of supported silicon.

Get Started with Altia

Altia provides the software, services and expertise to get your next embedded user interface into production. Let us help you discover the best plan to support your project goals.

Powerful Partnerships

Altia collaborates with partners at every step along the embedded UI development journey to help our customers get to market faster

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