Your Journey from Concept to Code

Altia’s GUI development tools are the key to designing and developing pixel-perfect GUIs for production embedded devices. Our workflow engages all stakeholders in the UI development process for clear communication and optimal results.

Artists to Developer to Engineer

Get Your Artist's Pixels onto Production Hardware

With Altia, there is no need for your engineers to hand code graphics. So the beautiful graphics created by your artist are the same graphics that go to market.

Altia Tools Empower Teams

  • Work in favorite tools
  • Direct import of 2D and 3D assets to next phase of project
  • Altia workflow allows for tweaks during project
  • Assign animation, stimulus, control
  • Connect to underlying logic for full prototype
  • Test UX with stakeholders
  • Try on hardware for best fit
  • Perform production testing
  • Generate pure C code for easy certification

Altia’s User Interface Software Tool Flow

This is how Altia’s software helps your artists, UI developers and engineers get your artwork onto hardware.

Altia Design Toolchain

Watch Altia’s journey from artist’s pixels to production hardware.

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See Altia’s powerful workflow

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Boost Productivity with Altia

Your GUI development projects get ultra-efficient with Altia’s GUI development solution.

  • Built a functional prototype at every stage of development to test usability
  • Generate code at any project stage to measure performance
  • Collaborate smarter with Altia’s streamlined workflow
  • Engage all members of your design team with our model-based development process
  • Design with our WYSIWYG editor – no hand coding required
  • Call on our expert Professional Engineering Services Team at any or all phases of your project

Learn more about our latest release of Altia User Interface Development Software.

Get to market faster. Learn more about how Altia’s Professional Engineering Services team can help.

Altia’s Embedded Ecosystem

Altia partners with leading companies in the embedded ecosystem — from simulation tool providers to silicon manufacturers — to deliver the best integration and production possibilities for our customers so that they can achieve their GUI project goals.

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Altia User Interface Software Capabilities

Get your GUIs from design to deployment quickly with Altia’s powerful GUI development software. Check out the key features that provide Altia users with the best path from artwork to production code.

  • Design with integrated 2D and 3D content
  • Engage entire team with model-based development
  • Connect your GUI design to logic
  • Share fully functional executable for validation and UX testing
  • Make quick iterations based on testing feedback
  • Describe behavior without programming
  • Low-footprint, high-performance code architecture
  • Vast support of industry’s most popular hardware

Get Started with Altia

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