Get High Quality Code with Altia DeepScreen

Converts GUI models and prototypes into deployable graphics code – fast.

Once upon a time, the screens that you see were written by hand by embedded engineers. Now, interfaces are drawn up and have interaction defined in graphical editors. Those beautiful displays consist of images, fonts and other custom components. Altia’s code generator takes those elements and processes them into the most efficient code – ready to deploy on production devices.

How does DeepScreen code generator work?

Simply select the design objects that represent the display portion of your product and click the “Generate Code” menu. Altia DeepScreen will automatically generate your code in just seconds.

3D Graphics for Production GUIs

See Altia’s journey from Maya to hardware in 3 minutes

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With DeepScreen, you get the benefits of decades of programming experience. Your team can reserve your precious programming time for more important things, like building your application code and getting it to run on your hardware.

Altia Code Generation Benefits

  • Supports low end processors to high end systems
  • Supports custom and commercial RTOSs – or even no OS at all
  • Efficient C source code minimizes RAM and saves BOM cost
  • Each target is customized to leverage every on-chip resource
  • Simplify certification with efficient C source code

Get great GUIs on any hardware. Learn more about our target support.

Want to learn about testing your GUI for pixel-perfect performance on hardware?

Developing mission-critical GUIs? We’re the functional safety experts.

Altia Code Generation for 3D GUIs

Deploying 3D to embedded hardware can be a challenge – but not for us.
Altia DeepScreen automatic code generator delivers a tiny memory footprint, superb performance and these benefits.

  • No OS or file system required
  • Content is stored once and can be indexed again and again
  • Choose how fast 3D runs by tuning polygons, shaders and anti-aliasing
  • WYSIWYG anti-aliasing lets developers adjust for appearance or performance
  • Uses 90% less RAM and 20% Flash than leading open-source offering
  • Unique code architecture opens up 3D for lower end hardware

With Altia DeepScreen, your GUI graphics will always look great. Learn how…

Code Optimization

  • DeepScreen targets wring every bit of performance out of your hardware
  • Support for OpenGL ES, Open VG, custom hardware acceleration or software render
  • Binary Asset Manager sets image and texture compression specific to your hardware
  • Choose to optimize image for load time vs. memory size

External 3D Scene Node

  • Update 3D content – including geometry – without re-generating code
  • Reflash portions of a 3D scene rather than the entire scene
  • Simplify workflow and ensure maintainable and re-usable projects
  • Allows updates at end-of-line or over-the-air (OTA) for service updates

Building a GUI takes an ecosystem. Learn more about our powerful partnerships.

DeepScreen Resources

Ready to generate code with Altia?

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