On-Demand Webinar: From Pixels to Production: Getting Embedded GUIs to Market

Beautiful branded embedded displays and touch screens are a must-have for everyday devices—in the car, in the home or out in the world. These screens offer more than just aesthetics; they enable access to features and functionality that inform and empower users to interact with technology to make their lives better, smarter and simpler.

Building these graphical displays is a complex problem that requires expertise in many areas. Designers hand gorgeous graphics and a series of features to the product development team—who struggle with accurately translating requirements to precise visuals and behaviors on hardware. The carefully crafted artistic vision for the product shifts or is abandoned due to a variety of constraints related to hardware, software, team know-how and deadlines. The final embedded user interface runs slowly, arrives late and is a disappointment to users.

Watch the webinar, “From Pixels to Production: Getting Embedded GUIs to Market” to learn how the right software and workflow can help your team to design, develop and deploy rich, top-performing GUIs for your product efficiently and successfully.


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From Pixels to Production: Getting Embedded GUIs to Market

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