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Altia’s GUI development tools are the key to designing and developing pixel-perfect GUIs for production embedded devices. Our workflow engages all stakeholders in the UI development process for clear communication and optimal results.

Meet Altia Design

Create custom GUIs with Altia’s powerful editor.

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With Altia, companies can…

  • Create innovative, brand-defining GUIs
  • Reduce their total cost of ownership
  • Get GUIs to market faster
  • Rely on Altia’s quality, compliance and years of production expertise
  • Scale Altia’s solution to match their business needs
  • Leverage our comprehensive digital user interface solution

Designed by our team of experienced product engineers, software developers and designers, Altia’s user interface development software offers a better way to create beautiful, brand-defining user interfaces.

Unlike other UI development solutions, Altia is entirely focused on production embedded displays. Our GUI editor and code generator are architected to deliver intuitive, high performance GUIs with gorgeous graphics and the smallest possible footprint. Our engineering services team is available to support any and all stages of our user interface project – from preliminary design through to production and certification.

Altia's Mission

Altia enables modern and innovative graphical user interfaces that are intuitive and efficient with concept-to-production solutions for digital displays.

Import Content
Add Animations
Manage Iterations
Test & Validate

From Pixels to Production – Altia Can!

Altia’s complete GUI solution makes it easy and efficient for designers and developers to create optimized GUIs for embedded devices.

Artwork Import

Leverage assets from your favorite 2D and 3D design tools

Automatic Code Generation

Build high performance UIs without hand-coding graphics

Fast Iterations

Implement changes quickly for best possible user experience

Realtime 3D

Add dynamic 3D alongside 2D content for cool, custom GUIs

Streamlined Workflow

Smart collaboration between artists, designers and developers

Focus on Safety

Corporate focus on functional safety, certification and testing

Hardware Support

Target industry’s most popular platforms – from low- to high-power

Expert Engineering Services

Partner with Altia’s services team at any point in your UI project

What can you expect from Altia?

As a complete concept-to-production solution provider, Altia delivers…

  • Complete scope and understanding of your project
  • Efficient allocation of resources and budget
  • Single point of contact from start to finish
  • Smoother execution processes
  • Transitions between project phases
  • Complete visibility to project status and challenges

The Altia Promise

Altia is committed to your objectives and success.

We deliver a unique brand experience.

  • Expertise and Excellence: Products, services and support
  • Predictability: Quality, delivery-time and costs
  • 100% Control Over HMI: Ownership, design, functionality

Altia’s Partnerships

Altia partners with the best hardware, software and embedded ecosystem companies in the industry. Working together, we can make your next generation UI the best it can be.

Altia UIs Worldwide

Altia software is driving the graphics of some of the best embedded displays in the world. Find Altia in products like…

Motorcycle HMIs
Marine HMIs

Washing machines
Small appliances

Mid-to-high end diagnostic equipment
Point-of-care devices
Surgical systems

Security systems

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Gorgeous GUIs for automotive, construction-agriculture, medical, consumer and more

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