Altia GUIs for Medical Devices: Simple, Safe and Certifiable

Whether it be for hospitals or the home, Altia delivers the high reliability user experience your GUI needs.

When your GUI counts, count on Altia.

Smart, touchscreen medical devices are becoming increasingly commonplace—in operating rooms, patient rooms, at home and on the road. Altia provides a proven solution for mission critical GUIs, like in smart medical devices. Our team and our software fully support FDA, EN, ISO, IEC and other medical certification and compliance efforts. 

Leveraging our end-to-end GUI solutions, Altia gives your team the capability to create safe, certifiable devices with confidence.

Altia provides major surgical device maker with turnkey design, saving time and resources. 

Learn how Tandem Diabetes Care used Altia to launch the first ever insulin pump with a touch screen to receive FDA clearance.

  • Complete, efficient C source code for simplified certification
  • Reduced engineering time (average 50%)
  • Supports low end processors to high end systems
  • Works with any OS or no OS at all
  • Custom GUI development
  • End-to-end Professional Engineering Services available to design the best UI and UX

Learn how Medtronic used Altia to design and deploy a safe and certified GUI for their RF generator.

Medical device companies like Tandem Diabetes Care and Medtronic choose Altia for creating and deploying GUIs for high reliability devices. Why? Altia offers these important benefits…

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