Committed to Quality and Safety

Altia’s Culture for Quality

Altia’s customers expect the best – and our team is committed to meeting their expectations by delivering the highest quality tools, services and processes.

Proven Processes

Altia has a Quality Management System rooted in ISO 9001:2015 that guarantees effective processes across all faces of our organization – from Product Engineering to Engineering Services to Sales to Finance. The Altia team is continually improving the way we work through regular audits, measurement of our operations and response to feedback from customers and our own team.

Altia is actively committed to delivering the highest quality software. We do all our development to ASPICE (ISO 15504) and MISRA standards.

Altia is designed into over 100 million embedded devices and counting. Learn more about our customers.

Altia’s Safety Solutions

ISO 26262 for Automotive Embedded Graphics

Altia provides ISO 26262 engineering software and services to address the requirements for automotive OEMs and Tier 1s to provide functionally safe embedded HMIs.

The Altia Safety Monitor (ASM)

  • ISO 26262-compliant Safety Element out of Context (SEooC)
  • ASIL-B compliant general-purpose embedded software application
  • Rapidly and cost effectively satisfies ASIL-B functional safety requirements
  • Provides monitoring functionality for safety critical objects in the HMI
  • Implemented for DeepScreen code generation
  • Confirms correct display of functional safety content when commanded
  • Altia SEooC is fully tested and verified under ISO 26262
  • Currently deployed in multiple OEM production programs

ISO 26262 Engineering Services

Altia’s ISO 26262 experts are available worldwide to provide…

  • Functional Safety consulting
  • Starter program for evaluating safety issues and analyzing current state
  • Custom packages to help projects get compliant
  • Design and architecture services geared toward HMI applications
  • Ideal for automotive OEMs and Tier 1s seeking to develop and deploy cost-effective HMIs

Safety-Focused Software and Services

Altia is proud to deliver production-proven user interface development software along with the ISO 26262 expertise our customers depend on to deliver safety-critical HMI programs. Want to talk to our team about our ISO 26262 offerings? Put your information here and we will be in touch!

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