Altia UI Development Software and Services

The key to deploying pixel-perfect GUls for production embedded devices.

Whether your team needs powerful tools for development, or you need to hand off your entire GUI development project to our team of experts, you’re in the right place.

Production-Proven Software and Services

If you’re a new company creating a ground-breaking medical device or you have a complete team of experienced embedded engineers, Altia has worked with companies around the world to deliver brand-defining embedded UIs for embedded devices – and our software is designed into over 100M devices worldwide.

Need tools?

Learn how to design a GUI and automatically generate code.

Need help getting
your GUI going?

Get more information about our Professional Engineering Services.

Need inspiration?

See what Altia can do on our Demos page.

You need the right team.

Design a GUI
Better UX
Better Performance

Generate Code
Quality and Safety

Engineering Services
Smart Workflow
Single-source Solution
Open Ecosystem

Choose Altia for your user interface development needs, building gorgeous GUI with custom graphics and deploying perfect code for production.

Why choose Altia for your user interface development needs?

  • Engineering Services
  • Smart Workflow
  • Single-source Solution
  • Open Ecosystem
  • Design a GUI
  • Better UX
  • Better Performance
  • Automatically Generate Code
  • Testing
  • Quality and Safety

When your GUI counts, count on Altia.

If you need help...

  • Getting your integrated code to the finish line
  • Choosing your production hardware platform
  • Testing your GUI on embedded hardware
  • Doing post-production work, like over-the-air updates
  • Creating a rock-solid platform of RTOS, processor and logic

Altia: Your Single Source Solution

As a concept-to-production GUI vendor, Altia delivers ease of management, greater transparency and execution accountability for your production embedded user interface programs. As a one-stop shop for your UI design, development and deployment needs, we offer…

  • Complete scope and understanding of your project needs
  • Efficient allocation of resources and budget
  • Single point of contact from start to finish
  • Smoother execution processes and transitions between project phases
  • Complete visibility to project status and challenges

Altia provides major surgical device maker with turnkey design, saving time and resources. 

Learn more about Altia’s offerings

Altia Design

Altia Design is a full-feature user interface design, simulation and model integration environment. Build high-fidelity, functionally complete prototypes and GUIs. Create accurate simulation models to test your code, algorithms, concepts and systems. Integrate models with third-party tools or your own application code.

Altia DeepScreen

DeepScreen converts models and prototypes into deployable graphics code – fast. Code is small, efficient and fine-tuned for your target operating system. Generate code for commercial and custom RTOS – or even no RTOS at all. Shave months – even years – off your schedule.

Altia CloudWare™

Get instant, remote access to hardware and Altia’s GUI development software in our cloud-based environment.

Get Started with Altia

Altia provides the software, services and expertise to get your next embedded user interface into production. Connect with us to discuss how Altia can help you get your next great GUI to market.

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