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Learn how companies in automotive, medical, consumer electronics and beyond use Altia to get their best GUIs to market.

Customers Who Trust Us

Learn how Altia’s software solutions created faster design cycles for Tier 1 and allowed automakers’ unique cluster designs to be fully implemented for production.
Learn how Medallion leverages Altia to deliver rich, high performance graphics for marine, motorcycles, powersports, recreation, commercial and safety vehicles and more.
Time-saving automatic code generation, high performance on low power processors and proven partnership are key reasons why Denso chooses Altia. Read Denso’s success story.
Learn how Altia’s Services team helped Digital Monitoring Products deliver a gorgeous security system on low-cost hardware and tight deadline. Read DMP’s success story.
Learn how Medtronic used Altia to prototype and design a new GUI for their FDA-certified Class II device – delivering a fully tested, first class user experience to market. Read Medtronic’s success story.
Star Trac teamed up with Altia to integrate a compelling GUI and integrated software-based HD video player – and we got to market fast! Read the Star Trac success story.
Learn how Tandem Diabetes Care created the first ever touchscreen insulin pump with Altia. Gorgeous graphics. Long battery life. Game-changing. Read the Tandem Diabetes Care success story.

Additional Solutions

Top 5 Global Automotive OEM

Altia provided HMI tools and services to our global OEM customer and their Tier 1 supplier for mass deployment of a low-mid radio production program.

With this HMI project, Altia demonstrated the superior quality and optimization of DeepScreen code for the customer’s selected hardware processor. The use of Altia for this program allows maximum flexibility for HMI customization for years into the future. Altia’s Engineer Services Team also supported the customer’s and Tier 1’s global development teams in Japan, North America, India and around the world.

North American Automotive OEM

A leading North American automotive company needed HMI tools and services for their 4.2” cluster program. Their Tier 1 supplier was seeking a trusted solution provider with proven production expertise. Altia was selected for this program.

Our Professional Services Team leveraged the OEM’s design from another graphics tool to create an optimized HMI model for production. Altia’s automated test technology was used to verify that the HMI output met the OEM’s strict requirements. Altia’s team was responsible for the management and execution of the comprehensive HMI logic, graphics, integration and testing for the entire program.

Asia Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

Our customer, a Tier 1 from Asia, was awarded their first large-scale automotive instrument cluster project. They needed HMI tools and services for both monochrome and color 2.4” cluster programs.

This Tier 1 collaborated with Altia Engineering Services Group to achieve an optimized HMI design for their cluster. The cluster can display 20+ languages at runtime, including those with right-to-left characters. Because they worked with Altia, this Tier 1 successfully deployed their first cluster programs to production – and new projects are planned.

Global Home Appliance OEM

A very popular white goods manufacturer needed a turnkey solution for creating high-performance 2D GUIs on low-cost hardware. Their previous GUI tools were unable to meet the OEM’s project.       

Altia’s Professional Engineering Services delivered production-ready GUI graphics and logic for the OEM’s home appliance project. Altia’s architecture enabled the OEM to perform low-cost, rapid reskins of their GUI to support multiple product lines. Today, the Altia Services Team continues to be this OEM’s preferred partner for on-time delivery of GUI products.

Automotive Cluster Wins

  • Major US Automotive OEM: 100% commitment to Altia for all production instrument clusters
  • Global Automotive Tier 1: 100% reliance on Altia for all major US OEM clusters
  • Global Automotive OEM: 100% reliance on Altia for all production instrument clusters
  • Major US Automotive OEM: Entire 4.2” segment for major truck and SUV programs using Altia (~1M units per year); Altia owns 59% of planned digital clusters for this OEM.
  • Global Automotive Tier 1: Altia designated Preferred Supplier for instrument clusters
  • Major US Automotive OEM: Relies on Altia for 75% of clusters for its bestselling vehicle; Altia owns 53% of planned digital clusters for this OEM

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