Why Not Other Tools?

Unlike other graphical user interface design software, Altia is entirely focused on production embedded displays. We have made it our mission to get your best GUIs to production on any hardware.

The truth about other tools

There are other brands of GUI software—both freeware and paid tools—in the market that come with a variety of disadvantages.

  • Complicated effort to port GUI models to hardware
  • Little or no flexibility to change hardware
  • Heavy code that requires too much memory
  • Runtime executables that are difficult to certify
  • Inefficient workflow
  • Slower development cycles
  • Higher development cost
  • Missed deadlines
  • Insufficient product support
  • No professional engineering services
  • Infrequent product updates
  • Product experience lacks user focus

Altia is production-proven.​

Customers around world rely on Altia to get to market on time and under budget.

Time savings using Altia's GUI
development software
1 %
Production vehicles with
Altia designed in
1 M+

The Altia Difference

What you get with Altia

  • Entirely focused on embedded GUIs
  • Seamless solution for designing and deploying custom GUIs
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Years of quality, functional safety and production expertise
  • Scalability of Altia’s solution to match your business needs
  • Model-based process for getting the best performance and user experience
  • Streamlined workflow to get to market faster

Companies Who Trust Us

Our Powerful Toolchain

Altia’s GUI editor—Altia Design—and code generator—Altia DeepScreen—are architected to deliver intuitive, high performance GUIs with gorgeous graphics and the smallest possible footprint.

What you get with Altia’s automatic code generation

  • Lowest memory footprint
  • Code generation targets architected for low RAM and VRAM usage and lowest CPU load
  • Optimized use of your GPU
  • Fastest frame rate for super responsive GUIs
  • Largest hardware support in the market
  • Flexibility to use any embedded hardware
  • Portability of GUI to multiple processors and microcontrollers
  • Most complete code generation compared to other tools

Our world class engineering services team can support all stages of your user interface project.

What you get with Altia’s embedded software engineering services

  • End-to-end professional engineering services
  • Expert team with decades of experience
  • Global support for your distributed teams
  • Automated testing services
  • Functional safety solutions for mission-critical applications

Want to learn about using Altia for your next GUI?

Leave us your information and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

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