Altia Design

Altia Design — our GUI editor — offers the power to turn your artists’ artwork into completely custom user interfaces.

You have talented artists and UI designers with bold, beautiful ideas for your next user interface. It’s your job to get their masterful concepts onto your embedded target. Altia Design makes that possible.

From artists' pixels to production

Altia Design — our GUI editor — offers the power to turn your artists’ artwork into completely custom user interfaces. Your artists work in any tool they choose – Photoshop to Illustrator to Maya and beyond. Altia Design turns those gorgeous graphics into functional prototypes for testing and prepares them for the deployable code you need for your production program.

Why do companies all over the world choose Altia as their user interface development solution? Altia Design lets users…

  • Build high performance, professional-looking GUIs without hand coding graphics
  • Describe animation, stimulus and behavior without programming
  • Design with 2D and 3D integrated content
  • Connect application code or simulations for a complete, fully integrated GUI model
  • Share runtime model before code generation for quick validation and UX testing
  • Implement feedback with fast iterations to improve user experience
  • Prepare user interface for DeepScreen’s powerful code generation

Our WYSIWYG GUI Editor lets you build high performance, professional-looking prototypes and GUIs without hand coding graphics one line at a time. Altia is loaded with features to make your pixels-to-production journey successful and efficient.

  • Import artwork from artists’ favorite tools
  • Create sophisticated animations easily
  • Impressive library of GUI components, materials and more
  • Use Validator to fix critical errors in GUI design
  • Altia Design assets are optimized for code generation
  • WYSIWYG editor for integrated development
  • Runtime executable available for rapid prototyping and simulation

Altia Design Resources

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About Our Amazing 3D

Altia 3D users get ultimate power to update 3D content and create sophisticated animations — and the changes they make to their model are exactly what will show up on hardware.

  • Superior control over mesh files
  • Small memory footprint
  • Streamlined 3D integration
  • Greater control of 3D content
  • Full 3D object and scene data XML support
  • No OS or file system required
  • Dynamic material changes at runtime
  • Easy import of FBX files
  • New materials & graphics effects
  • Export / import entire Altia 3D scene contents

Embedded ecosystem partnerships are key to getting your GUI project to production.

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