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From Artwork to Production

We offer a complete GUI development solution to deliver your artist’s assets to your production device. Check out our Altia tool flow here.

Get your next great GUI on target.

With Altia’s model-based development approach, development teams gain the power to create custom, working user interface models in Altia Design, our GUI editor. These models offer a means for clear communication, fast feedback and iterations for the best possible UI design.

Altia’s automatic code generation allows for fast, early tests on hardware in real-life settings to refine user experience and performance. DeepScreen code generator provides production-ready C code that is optimized to leverage all of the resources available on target hardware.

Altia Design Workflow - from artwork to production code

See Altia's journey from concept to code.

How Altia Design Works

Watch this video of the Altia toolchain at work.

See how it works.
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One Tool, Limitless Possibilities

Altia’s GUI development framework allows embedded developers to create user interfaces for any hardware and any operating system – or no OS at all.

Because Altia supports such a wide array of hardware targets from the industry’s top silicon providers, you have greater flexibility to find the best-fit platform for your product. Plus, Altia allows you to move your GUI to different hardware or OS as needed.

Engineering Services

Altia’s Professional Engineering Services Team supports all phases of the embedded GUI development lifecycle – from design strategy to platform support to user experience testing to post-production updates.

& Prototyping
& Development
& Validation
& Updates

Do you have an embedded GUI project? We can help.

Altia’s Embedded Partners

Our hardware, software and ecosystem partners can make your embedded UI possibilities a reality.

Global Language Support

To serve a worldwide market, you need a GUI tool that will give your team the capability to create displays for global languages. Altia makes that happen! Our software supports any font and any language – even right-to-left – without a need to code.

Altia Font Modules help GUI developers control the appearance, memory size and performance of fonts that will display on their embedded targets.

  • Support for advanced features such as font linking and compressed fonts
  • Flexible royalty structures by pulling in open source or commercially supported solutions
  • Lightweight integrations for low end hardware
  • Full-featured combinations for the most complex font needs
  • Support for every written language

Altia is designed into over 100 million devices – and counting.

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