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Designed into over 100 million devices around the world and counting, there is no doubt that Altia knows GUIs. With our production-proven software and an expert team of services professionals – artists, UI/UX experts, project managers, software developers and embedded engineers — we understand how to deliver your best user interface concept from pixels through to production.

Schedule Your Altia Demo Today

What's involved in an Altia demo?

We’ll arrange a demonstration at your convenience to show you why we are trusted by companies all over the world – from automotive, consumer, medical device and beyond – to deliver best-in-class GUI development software and services for embedded displays.

Goals for the demo:

  • Understanding your GUI requirements – features, hardware, etc.
  • Evaluating your current user interface development practices
  • Demonstrating the Altia workflow – from artwork to code generation
  • How Altia simplifies GUI development
  • How Altia increases productivity
  • How Altia enhances user experience and performance
  • Pricing and efficiency savings

How long is the demonstration?

The length of the demonstration depends on your questions and how detailed you prefer the demonstration to be. Generally, our demos are between 30 minutes to an hour, but we are glad to take as much time as you need.

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Can my colleagues join the demo?

Yes, of course! Let us know who you would like to add to the call; we’ll send them the invitation. They can join the call from any location.


How do demos take place?

Our demos are generally held online through a live call and screen sharing via Microsoft Teams. All you need is a computer with speakers or headset and an internet connection. We are also available in person at many industry tradeshows. To see our upcoming events, click here.

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