Designed into over 100 million devices, companies all over the world trust Altia to get their best-looking, best-performing GUIs to market. 

There are many reasons why Altia is GUI tool of choice for developers of all sorts of devices—automotive, medical, consumer and more. One of the top reasons is our streamlined workflow. Altia’s toolchain not only reduces the overall time to market with new GUI projects, but our software also gives companies the capability to turn their artist’s beautiful 2D and 3D artwork into a working GUI model and then deliver that same model all the way to production hardware.

Want to see how simple developing and deploying GUIs with Altia can be? Check out our latest video which shows the journey from graphics in Photoshop through to production hardware.

Would you like to meet with our GUI experts to discuss your next embedded display project and learn more about how Altia will help you get your product to market quickly? We invite you to schedule a demo with us today!