Finding a great workplace with an amazing team are vital for living your very best life. Great salary and benefits are important, but there are also several factors that determine whether you love your job.

At Altia, it’s important to us that our teammates feel engaged, appreciated and valued for all the great work they do. We want them to want to be here every day. So we reached out to learn more about what they love about their jobs—because those are the reasons why others would want to work here. It was hard to pick just 15 reasons, but we gave it a try.

Top 15 Reasons to Work at Altia

  1. My co-workers are very talented, highly skilled professionals who are friendly, kind, understanding and helpful.
  2. I always feel connected, even though I work in a distributed team.
  3. Teams work cohesively and are respectful of each other.
  4. Everyone is focused on getting things done.
  5. It’s exciting, empowering, gratifying to see our software deployed in applications all over the world.
  6. I truly want to help our customers succeed with a clear strategy, technology evolution and constant product enhancements.
  7. The work is interesting, challenging and satisfying. We’re creating the latest technology that you can actually see in cars, kitchens and beyond!
  8. Our leaders are generous with time, talent and treasure and they don’t micromanage.
  9. We have a CEO with integrity and strong values. He knows who we are—and he legitimately cares for us both as individuals and as a company.
  10. Our management team knows our goals and places us in positions to grow personally and professionally.
  11. Flat hierarchies enable every employee to influence the path of the company and contribute to the success of the company.
  12. Great working conditions, flexible work-from-home policy and excellent benefits.
  13. Altia has huge opportunity to grow—and it’s gratifying to know I contribute to and grow with the company.
  14. Altia’s atmosphere is tight knit, yet welcoming. It’s easy to make new connections and talk with people with diverse backgrounds.
  15. Altia is a company that wants to pay it forward in the community—giving others the opportunity to learn and grow.

There are many other reasons why our team members love Altia—and we invite you to learn why Altia is a great place to work. Check out our Careers page today—and join us!