Colorado Springs was just named one of the top cities to move to in 2021. Here at Altia, we’re not surprised. If you’re looking for great weather all year long, a thriving downtown only minutes from hiking trails and an affordable city to live in, you’ll find it here in Colorado Springs. 

Altia was founded in Colorado Springs in 1991 and even though we’ve grown our team globally, our HQ remains nestled up to the Rocky Mountains. If you do a quick Google search, tons of lists with reasons to move to Colorado Springs will pop up, but here are our top three reasons to become a local Altian.

Tech central 

Colorado Springs is experiencing major growth in the tech industry. You’ll find yourself in the center of an innovation hub. Boasting the unofficial title as the ‘new Silicon Valley’, Colorado Springs was just named the Most Confident Workforce in the Nation, probably due to over 13,000 new tech jobs posted here this year. Speaking of job openings, have you seen our Careers page yet? 

We are intentionally growing a tech ecosystem. With multiple universities and growing industries in aerospace and defense, cyber security, healthcare and medtech, Colorado Springs is officially on the tech map. Our global headquarters is located downtown, sharing sidewalks with start-ups and SaaS companies. You will quickly see that the city values our presence and contributions, on the local and global level.

Quality of life

At Altia, we believe in working hard and playing harder. The quality of life here in ‘the Springs’ is tough to beat. You will encounter a lower cost of living compared to other top cities – Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York – without sacrificing a thriving restaurant scene, more than 30 local breweries, impressive dog parks, clean air and amazing weather all year long.

When you live in Colorado Springs, you can bring your hobbies to life – as an individual or as a family. We were just voted one of Top 4 Next Dream Outdoor Hubs due to our proximity to the mountains, plethora of biking trails, local parks and open spaces and access to free family-friendly activities just to name a few. Plus, you won’t need to book a hotel to experience the top emerging tourist destination worldwide.

And, if your hobbies aren’t outdoor centered, we have the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and Colorado College bringing in art, music, theatre and more. In the #postcovid world, Galaxy Fest, Pride Fest, beer festivals, farmers markets and comic book conventions await! At Altia, we want you to enjoy where you work and love where you live.


In the recent Cinch Home Service survey, the most desired aspects of a new city to move to included low crime rates, climate, low cost of living, size of the city and proximity to the workplace. 

You’ll discover all of the above in Colorado Springs. Coming in just under 500,000 in population size, you have access to everything you need from an urban city, while having the space to spread out. And we’re just a short one-hour drive to Denver if you need your IKEA fix.

The community in Colorado Springs is growing every day, bringing in diverse perspectives and new industries, while maintaining that hometown feel. Altia values the community here and we strive to make Colorado Springs a better place to live, work and grow. Check out a recent podcast with our CEO, Mike Juran, as he dives deeper into our company’s commitment to the city.

Interested in joining our team? Check out the Careers page for current openings.