CES 2021 has begun! Even though we can’t be there in person, the Altia Design Research Lab was proud to team up with the Texas Instruments DLP team and Ceres this year on a powerful electric truck HUD demo. Check it out here:

This concept expands the head-up display beyond its traditional function to serve as a potential replacement for the instrument cluster in an electric truck. The goal of the design is to strike the perfect balance of offering as much content as needed and as little content as possible.

Demo Highlights:

  • Advanced driver-assistance system warnings
  • Battery temperature caution
  • TPMS sensor
  • Bridge height caution and warning
  • Front blind spot detection
  • Lane assist
  • Voice UI
  • Turn by turn directions

Notable Design Elements

By utilizing the speed bubble instead of a traditional needle, Altia Design Research Lab was able to minimize information density in the line of sight. This allows for reduction of the driver’s cognitive load.

Safety particles accumulate as driver proceeds at or below the speed limit. Safety particles disappear when the driver speeds. This is a nice gamification for drivers who are on the road all day.

Find this video on TI’s CES 2021 here — “Windshield cluster displays powered by TI DLP® Technology”.

For more information about Altia’s solutions for head up displays, email us at [email protected].