In a recent Inc. article, Jeff Barrett discusses the key reasons why Colorado Springs is “poised to be the Colorado growth city of the next decade.”

Not only is the city conveniently situated just down the road from long-time tech centers Boulder and Denver, but Colorado Springs boasts its own share of companies who are at the cusp of technology and innovation — from software and robotics to cyber security and startups who are leveraging the state-of-the-art government technology available through partnership with the Colorado Springs-based Air Force Academy.

For growing technology companies, it is critical to be planted in a place where top talent want to move and want to stick around. Mike Juran, Altia CEO, said it best:

“We have the choice to HQ … in over a dozen different cities around the world, but paramount to our success is recruiting and keeping happy employees who want to stay with us for 10-plus years. Other well-known, tech-centered cities are exciting, but they don’t offer a sustainable lifestyle beyond the 2 year honeymoon phase.” 

With a very cool new office in the center of downtown, plentiful parks and trails for hiking and biking AND the beauty of the Rocky Mountains available with every glance westward combined with the abundance of cutting-edge technology and talent in the area (and in our office!), Altia is indeed grateful to call Colorado Springs our hometown.

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