New Release of HMI Development Software Includes Timeline Animation Editor Plus Comprehensive 3D Capabilities

Altia announces the new Altia Design 12.0, which provides powerful features and functionality for developers to create and deploy first class embedded displays for automotive, medical, consumer and industrial devices. The new Timeline Animation Editor displays object and material attributes for both 2D and 3D content, allowing developers to create advanced animations with ease. New capabilities for 3D customers make it simpler than ever to incorporate 3D content and advanced animations in a human-machine interface (HMI).

The all-new Timeline Animation Editor is a powerful new tool that allows users to create and sync up sophisticated animations for impressive effects. Developers can view animations and their interactions in an intuitive timeline layout and then control 2D and 3D content via the same timeline. A new library of tweening options – bounce, elastic, sine, cubic, quint and more – is available in the new Timeline Animation Editor, offering developers a variety of choices for interesting keyframe animations in their HMIs. Moreover, the new Timeline Animation Editor can even be used with legacy Altia models.

With Altia Design 12.0, Altia 3D customers also gain tremendous power over the 3D content in their user interfaces. FBX files from all popular 3D tools can be imported into Altia with their animation hierarchies intact. This means that once 3D content is imported in the Altia editor, users can tweak animations and appearance right alongside 2D content. A new material library provides cool skins for common materials — paint, glass, leather, rubber and more – that have been tested and optimized for embedded applications. Complete, customizable shaders are provided – and no GLSL coding is required. Furthermore, with the reuse of generated assets at code generation, Altia Design 12.0 opens the door for deploying 3D user interfaces on even lower power hardware.

This release of Altia Design includes automatic text eliding and improved support for 4K monitors. Altia is also proud to announce that it continues its commitment to developing DeepScreen targets under ASPICE and ISO 26262 standards and processes necessary to deliver safety-critical user embedded displays.

For more information about Altia Design 12.0 or to request a demo by one of Altia’s GUI experts, visit our website or email [email protected].