Ssangyong Uses Altia Software to Deploy Embedded Displays for Rexton SUV and Trucks

Easy-to-Use Altia HMI Design and Development Environment Gives OEM New Freedom to Innovate

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The Customer

Global automotive companies understand how important vision is to vehicle design. It is a major challenge, in such a complex industry, to maintain a designer’s original vision through the hundreds of steps between concept and final product. Their success in overcoming these obstacles, in partnership with Altia, is a transformative step for them. Other OEMs across the automotive industry can benefit from following a similar path.

Full Design Control

Altia Design, Altia’s full-featured user interface design, simulation and model integration environment, allows users to quickly build and iterate high-fidelity, functionally complete prototypes and graphical user interfaces (GUI) models. Users can describe animation, stimulus and behavior without programming. Furthermore, they can import, create and control objects from third-party environments.  

Once specified in Altia Design, Ssangyong’s concepts go directly into DeepScreen, Altia’s code generator, to automatically generate production-grade code that is deployable onto their selected hardware platform. The result is hardened software that a Tier One can directly use in a final production implementation. 

Ssangyong enjoys multiple benefits from Altia’s software. Because they own the implementation, the OEM has control over pricing and the branded look and feel of their HMIs. On the creative side, Ssangyong’s instrumentation team likes the ability to design without relying on writing code.  

Testing Proves Altia Performance

Before committing to Altia’s platforms, Ssangyong did a performance test on the products.  

“We were tasked with showing we could run a specified graphics set on near-production hardware, and that we could deliver the same performance or better,” noted Michael Hill, Altia Vice President of Engineering. “Next we had to show that our generated code was of a certain size. Finally, we had to meet a series of speed and footprint parameters.” Subsequent analysis showed that Altia’s solution—Altia Design and DeepScreen—exceeded the customer’s performance requirements.

Efficiency for the Future

As OEMs know, design cycles for cluster components can be extensive. Altia Design and DeepScreen have significantly shortened Ssangyong’s design-to-handoff cycle with their Tier One partners. Perhaps even more importantly, Altia’s software has improved their capability to deploy innovative graphics in their instrument clusters on hardware requiring lower power consumption. 

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