High Impact, Low Power, Life-Saving GUIs

Tandem Diabetes Care saw an opportunity to break free from the traditional physical buttons and monochrome screens of the traditional insulin pump look and feel. They wanted an attractive, easy-to-use smart phone experience.

Using Altia’s user interface development tools, Tandem faced with strict development and performance requirements.

Like all true visionaries, Tandem’s team set some lofty goals for their ground-breaking new product.

With their expert use of Altia’s user interface development tools, Tandem was meet the strict requirements for development and performance, creating a full color touch screen GUI that will run for a week on a small rechargeable battery. Tandem’s insulin pump is the first ever insulin pump with a touch screen to receive FDA clearance. Altia is proud to be on board.

Ready the Tandem Diabetes Care success story here.

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