High Tech Fitness GUIs Fast Tracked for Star Trac

Star Trac wanted to offer an easy-to-use line of products with the most complete entertainment options available on the market. They wanted an information-rich embedded touch screen that offered a compelling graphical user interface that used very little CPU to maintain system availability for the integrated, software-based HD video player. And they needed to deliver this product quickly. They contacted Altia.

Altia worked with Star Trac to create a proof of concept that verified that Altia-generated graphics code was light enough to run the HMI and place a minimal CPU burden on the system – and deliver a gorgeous GUI to market on various Star Trac equipment. Star Trac’s Director of Systems, Greg Wallace, stated: ““Altia’s products and services allowed us to meet our very stringent deadlines. We had preliminary user interfaces running on hardware in hours … instead of weeks.”

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