Denso and Altia Team Up to Win Clusters Year After Year

Denso International America (DIAM), one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive technology and componentry, provides infotainment and safety systems, HMIs and HUDs for vehicles all over the world. The DIAM team needed an HMI development solution that would auto-generate code, saving them time and cost over their traditional hand-coding process. They chose Altia! Not only does Altia DeepScreen generate high quality graphics code, but DeepScreen code generation targets are architected to get as much power out of whatever processor DIAM selected for their project – making thereby allowing DIAM to deliver powerful graphics on low-cost hardware.

Additionally, DIAM looks to Altia as a powerful extension to their team. From product support to implementation of new features to input into product roadmap, Altia and DIAM have established a powerful partnership that has contributed to DIAM’s success – including deploying their graphics in one of the most important and best-selling vehicles in North America.

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