Meet Altia at Car.HMI Europe 2024

Altia, a leading provider of GUI development tools and software solutions, will join premier automotive OEMs and solution providers at Car.HMI Europe 2024. This event, which offers attendees powerful opportunities to network with other industry leaders and learn about latest automotive trends, innovations and challenges, will be at the Hotel Titanic Chaussee in Berlin, Germany on June 26-28, 2024.

The Altia team will be at the event to showcase our complete cockpit HMI platform that helps automotive OEMs and Tier 1s design, develop and deploy first-class embedded displays for any application and any hardware. We look forward to connecting with HMI experts at the show to discuss how Altia’s software solutions can help bring their digital cockpit experience to life. We also look forward to sharing more about Altia’s latest product, the Altia Plugin for Figma. This plugin, now available at no cost for current users of Altia Design 13.4, gives designers the power to get their Figma graphics to embedded hardware easily and with the lowest possible memory requirements.

If you will be at the show, please stop by and see us at the showcase to see Altia’s production-proven software running on automotive-grade hardware. Meet with our team to talk about how to design functional safety and first-class UX for your cockpit displays.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Event Details:

When: Wednesday, June 26 – Friday, June 28, 2024
Where: Hotel Titanic Chausee – Chausseestraße 30, 10115 Berlin, Germany
Register: Home | Car.HMI Europe (
Connect with us before the show: [email protected]

Altia Learn Drives Results with New Impactful Learning Tools

The modern workforce can be spread far and wide, spanning different time zones and sometimes across the world. As a result, a centralized singular approach to training can prove to be inflexible and challenging to schedule for a busy and dynamic team.

Altia Learn is a new user-friendly online learning management system that empowers graphical user interface (GUI) designers and engineers to learn how to make the most of Altia products by offering an innovative training approach designed for today’s modern workplace. It is built on the premise that every employee has their learning style and time constraints, which means they learn in different ways and at different speeds.

The innovative learning platform allows companies to better understand how their teams learn so that they can deliver on-demand training programs personalized for each individual, regardless of their level of expertise or location.

Tools to Help Your Team Design, Develop and Deploy Your GUI

The Altia Learn platform is designed to help companies increase their employees’ productivity, competencies and engagement while reducing costs associated with training and development programs. It shows what can be built within the embedded GUI space and how to build it through courses consisting of training modules, videos and downloadable resources. After registering, users become part of the Altia Learn User Community, joining an expansive group of Altia users who have already deployed Altia-generated code in over 100 million devices worldwide.

Built on a robust set of learning management tools that provide users access to training materials and resources on demand, the unique learning management system empowers engineers with the tools and knowledge base they need to create innovative products with embedded GUIs. This is accomplished by teaching users how to build user interfaces that are customizable, interactive and responsive to user input. It also includes an extensive library of interactive training courses and tools that allow engineers to measure their understanding of key concepts.

The interactive tutorials are designed as hands-on training activities, reinforcing course content through experiential learning activities. Courses require users to navigate the software interface, complete specific tasks or learn critical concepts related to the software’s functionality. A library of downloadable resources is available for immersive exercises to reinforce processes and concepts that translate into engineers’ real-world workflow.

Each course is designed to be approachable and concise, providing a summary containing the topics covered and videos typically ranging from 5-7 minutes to keep the information manageable and focused.

Altia Learn courses can serve as a helpful reference when needed. If a challenge arises, engineers can return to a training module to find and refamiliarize themselves with a particular concept or process they need for the task at hand and quickly return to their workflow with a better understanding of the process.

A Learning Management System Tailored to Your Team’s Needs

Altia believes that employees are the most essential resource of a business, and that training and development is the key to getting the most out of your team. We have, therefore, developed a robust learning management system that allows managers to create learning paths tailored for each user based on their learning goals, job role and familiarity with GUI development through Altia products.

After registration, Altia Learn users are greeted with a dashboard showing an overview of their training history, progress and accomplishments. The overview includes the number of courses they have completed and how many in which they are enrolled, while achievement badges provide positive progress ownership and encouragement in their efforts.

The system also shows available courses, suggests learning paths and recommended courses. Personalized assessments are designed to measure core competencies and identify knowledge gaps to address where additional training can be administered. The assessments include identifying strengths and weaknesses in conceptual understanding and application.

This means managers can design learning plans for individual users based on their preferred learning style or other factors such as current level of expertise or time available for training so that the approach to training is appropriate for the individual and does not waste time with any unnecessary course material. Managers can add courses as the user progresses to provide comprehensive training and meet evolving training goals.

At launch, Altia Learn has a variety of learning modules for users of all skill levels in GUI development, including varied topics such as what makes Altia a leader in embedded graphical user interfaces, how to begin the initial steps of building your specialized dynamic GUIs and how to process automation through Altia GUI development and code generation. New courses will be added to the site regularly to cover an even broader scope of GUI design, development and deployment.

Altia Learn is Your Guide to GUI Success

Altia Learn is a new way to empower Altia’s customers by providing them with the tools they need to successfully design, develop and deploy top-tier graphical user interfaces. The on-demand learning management system delivers immersive, hands-on training materials to teach users how to employ the tasks and concepts covered in the training.

The platform offers the flexibility of being an always-available resource, meeting the needs of all skill levels and competencies through tailored training paths to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Managers can track course progression and address any areas needing improvement while ensuring that their team receives consistent and concise training on Altia’s GUI development software directly from the experts at Altia.

Altia will continue to enhance this program with more resources and training materials, so please check back often or contact us today for more information at

Altia Announces Altia Learn, New eLearning Portal with On-Demand GUI Development Software Training Resources

Today, Altia announces the launch of our learning management system, Altia Learn. Altia Learn is designed to help Altia software users design, develop and deploy first rate graphical user interfaces (GUIs) quickly by pairing video courses with activities tailored to reinforce course content and help our users practice what they are learning.

With Altia Learn, engineers can access training materials and resources on-demand—reducing downtime and increasing productivity. By leveraging Altia Learn across a GUI development team, managers can be assured that their team receives consistent training and knowledge about Altia’s GUI development software, which will help minimize errors and inconsistencies in GUI design. Altia Learn can provide personalized learning paths to engineers based on their level of expertise, job role and learning objectives. This tool gives managers the ability to track and report on engineer progress and completion of training, providing valuable insights into areas where more support may be needed.

“Altia is continually seeking new ways to improve the customer experience with our software. We’re proud to offer Altia Learn as a powerful tool for delivering effective training and development programs. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Altia Learn delivers engaging, impactful learning experiences that drive results,” stated Brett Stein, Altia Vice President of Operations. “Whether you’re looking to upskill your workforce, onboard new hires or support ongoing learning and development, Altia Learn is the ideal solution for unlocking the full potential of your team.”

Altia Learn currently includes a variety of courses for Altia users at all levels, with new courses releasing regularly. Basics and Fundamentals courses are free for all users. Courses for intermediate and advanced users are available for customers with current support and maintenance (SMA) agreements. The Altia Learn platform is available today from the Altia Cloud dashboard, so current users of Altia can access Altia Learn immediately.

Current Altia customers using Altia Design 13 can access Altia Learn right away from their Altia Cloud portal. New users wishing to explore Altia Learn can do so from our website.

About Altia 

Altia is a software company that provides graphical user interface design and development tools that can be used from concept to final production code. Our GUI editor, Altia Design, offers development teams the capability to implement a model-based development process enabling clear team communication and accelerated user interface development. Our code generator, Altia DeepScreen, supports a vast range of low- to high-powered processors from a variety of industry-leading silicon providers. Altia generates pure C source code that is optimized to take full advantage of hardware resources. Graphics code generated by Altia is driving millions of displays worldwide – from automotive instrument clusters, HUDs and radios to thermostats, washing machines and medical devices.

Our mission is to get the best automotive, medical and consumer interfaces into production in the shortest time on the lowest cost hardware.

Altia was founded in 1991. Its customers include automotive OEMs and Tier 1s like Continental Automotive, Denso, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Honda, Renault, Magneti Marelli, Nippon Seiki, Valeo, Visteon and more – plus leading consumer device manufacturers like Electrolux, Whirlpool, NordicTrack and many others.

For more information about Altia, visit or email [email protected].

Follow Altia on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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