The Battle for Driver Attention

Social Media and Big Tech Inside the Automotive Cockpit

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The Battle for Driver Attention - Social Media and Big Tech Inside the Automotive Cockpit

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The Problem

As the automotive industry barrels toward AI, autonomous driving and sophisticated cockpit display configurations, OEMs are faced with a dilemma — and an opportunity. 

Today Tech Giants and Social Media platforms dominate our attention. Besides triggering mental health issues, mesmerized users with their eyeballs glued to their phones have been known to accidentally walk into walls, trip over benches and fall into manholes. If that’s not tragic enough, now Tech Giants are vying to control the architecture, operating environment and content seen on automotive displays. For Big Tech, the more eyes on social media, newsfeeds and advertising, the better – since eyes on the screen equals money. Automotive OEMs, on the other hand, are making every effort to reduce screen time and unnecessary driver distractions. These competing objectives put driver safety, privacy and security at risk. And when these things are breached, it erodes consumer trust in the automaker’s brand. Therein lies the battle.

Are automotive OEMs ready to take ownership of the driver experience and once again become the brand envy of the world?

The Solution

The time come for OEMs to defend the automotive cockpit from a Big Tech takeover.

Key topics we cover in this webinar:

  • How Tech Giants are currently winning the battle for attention.
  • Why OEMs must own and control cockpit architectures and the User Interaction paradigm.
  • Why OEMs should curate content in the cockpit, and directly manage vehicle data. 
  • How automakers can set the standard for brand trustworthiness in a time overwhelmed with the distrust of Social Media and Tech Giants. 
  • Why OEMs should monetize this newfound control and ownership to the benefit of both them and their customers. 
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