DMP Delivers Innovative Security Keypad in Months

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) wanted to develop a touch screen interface for a next generation security system, so they set out to find the best solution for advanced user interface development. They had a low-cost hardware target selected and a very aggressive delivery date – only six months to production. And this was their first venture into deeply embedded systems.

Together, DMP and Altia were able to quickly flesh out the graphical requirements and UX touch points for this new GUI. Our Services Team worked in tight iterations with DMP to get the best performing GUI on this low cost hardware solution. Altia’s expert training team got DMP’s development team fully trained at the same time. DMP met their delivery schedule – and Altia handed off the final project to DMP for production and future enhancements, like extending their product to iPhone and iPad.

High Tech Fitness GUIs Fast Tracked for Star Trac

Star Trac wanted to offer an easy-to-use line of products with the most complete entertainment options available on the market. They wanted an information-rich embedded touch screen that offered a compelling graphical user interface that used very little CPU to maintain system availability for the integrated, software-based HD video player. And they needed to deliver this product quickly. They contacted Altia.

Altia worked with Star Trac to create a proof of concept that verified that Altia-generated graphics code was light enough to run the HMI and place a minimal CPU burden on the system – and deliver a gorgeous GUI to market on various Star Trac equipment. Star Trac’s Director of Systems, Greg Wallace, stated: ““Altia’s products and services allowed us to meet our very stringent deadlines. We had preliminary user interfaces running on hardware in hours … instead of weeks.”

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