Altia collaborates with all the leading silicon and software companies to get market-winning embedded graphics from pixels to production. 

Here’s one shining example of Altia in partnership with key players in the embedded ecosystem. Kyle Fox, NXP Director of i.MX Application Processors, talks about Altia in the NXP Connected eCockpit Showcase.

The Connected eCockpit shown here was designed and conceived by Altia’s Professional Engineering Services team and created using Altia Design 13. The design embraces key graphics considerations including pillar-to-pillar cockpit graphics, electric vehicle features, responsive layout, touch interaction, modularity and scalability.  

This EV integrated cockpit offers unified graphics and seamless HMI integration of the instrument cluster and passenger display, which includes comfort functions, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) screens, navigation and much more. Altia’s advanced 3D capabilities and Android support are utilized throughout the cockpit to create an enhanced driver and passenger experience.  

Read more about Altia’s work with NXP on the Connected eCockpit Showcase in our guest post on the NXP blog

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