We’re excited to offer our latest medical demo for your NXP i.MX 8 board! At Altia, we know that medical devices require graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that are safe, certifiable and easy to operate.

When you work with Altia, you can build your products to your brand specifications by integrating assets from all popular design tools, like Photoshop, Illustrator or Maya. Altia gives you the power to develop custom GUIs without hand-coding and generate complete, efficient, easily certifiable C-code. In need of 3D capabilities? No problem. Altia has those too.

By working with Altia to create a user interface (UI) for your medical device, you’ll be able to utilize our streamlined workflow, create functional prototypes, conduct UX testing and optimize graphics that work on any chip.

Additionally, you’ll be able to work with our Professional Engineering Services Team to make your complicated GUI project streamlined and successful. From graphic design to safety compliance to UX testing, our Services team will get your project from concept to completion.

medical UI

Altia’s Professional Engineering Services Team has decades of real-life experience leveraging our tool chain across real-world UI scenarios and solving difficult customer challenges. We utilize best practices when creating custom software solutions, while also employing modern UX and quality testing.

Most importantly, we’re fully invested in creating trusting relationships and helping our customers achieve success in whatever their projects entail, while always ensuring defect-free and high-quality delivery. From Medtronic electrosurgical units to TANDEM insulin pumps, we’ve done it before.

We have customers who have never worked on an embedded UI project before, especially in the medical field. We can provide expert guidance for your team to learn best practices while we work on your first project together. We love seeing our customers tackle future projects with the knowledge they gained by working with us, and we’re happy to help build upon the frameworks we create together.

Interested in hearing about a major surgical device maker who came to Altia in need of turnkey design, quick turnaround time and minimal resources? Check out our latest medical case study and how Altia brought their vision to life.

With powerful capabilities like 3D design flow, global language support and a full-service Professional Engineering Services Team to support all your GUI development project needs, your project is in good hands here at Altia.

Ready to see a medical device running on production-grade hardware? Download the free demo for your NXP i.MX 8 board.