Altia Design now includes the 9-Slice Object—a part of the Altia Design model library. The 9-Slice Object allows for smart scaling of GUI elements, preserving the integrity of images when resized.

The 9-Slice Object is a big timesaver. Designers can create graphics with 9-slice behavior in just seconds. Plus, by they only need to create a single graphic for a resizable widget. Since there are fewer images that need to be updated when changes are needed, designers also save time on changes. They also save memory, since fewer images in the GUI model means less memory consumed on hardware.

Developers can apply this new feature to GUI elements like buttons, sliders, scroll bars, text inputs, progress bars and background graphics.

Check out 9-Slice Object in action in this Altia Design feature video.

Interested in upgrading to the latest release of Altia Design, which includes 9-Slice Object and many more powerful features? Contact your local FAE or email [email protected].