On July 29, 1909, General Motors (GM) bought Cadillac, the top-selling product of American luxury automobiles, for $4.5 million in GM stock. To read the full story of Henry Ford’s attempt at starting a second car company with Cadillac, check out the latest EIN Presswire article.

At that time, the Cadillac retailed for $750, which was relatively inexpensive for that time. Constructed of metal, wood, leather, rubber and brass, those first vehicles had little in common with the Cadillacs of today.

Today, Cadillacs are known for precision engineering, innovation and luxury. We’re proud to be a part of the newest innovation from Cadillac—the Cadillac LYRIC. This is the brand’s first all-electric SUV, which includes a gorgeous 33-inch dashboard featuring Altia-generated code at work in all of its rich displays.

Read more about Altia in the Cadillac LYRIQ in our recent press release.