Altia intern opening boxes of backpacksThe 2021 Backpash Bash kicked off its distribution event on Friday, July 23 in Colorado Springs. Altia’s summer interns and their mentors participated in the event as part of a new company community engagement effort: Interns Give Back. We strive to employ local interns in order to create access to careers in STEM, but we know access to education can start with simply having your essential school supplies.

Backpack Bash is a collaboration between Pikes Peak United Way and COSILoveYou. Their mission to provide access to all things back-to-school for elementary, middle and high school kids in El Paso County. In 2020, the Backpack Bash provided almost 10,000 backpacks full of school supplies to families and children in need. This year, they estimate that they will donate 15,000 backpacks.

pencils in large box for donationAlongside local community volunteers, Altians provided their support by opening and organizing thousands of donation boxes, full of much needed school supplies: pens, pencils, notebooks, markers, crayons, binders, folders, calculators and hand sanitizer. Volunteers will proceed the fill the backpacks will all of the donationsensuring every child has all the essentials in one bag.

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