This summer, Altia hired 10 interns to work in-person at our Colorado Springs HQ. We have two post-grad interns, four current college interns and four high school students to work on projects from coding to project management to market research.

College Interns

Reed Staehs, Colorado State University
Reed just graduated with a M.E. in Systems Engineering from Colorado State University. He’s been interning with Altia since February and says, “I have learned that the people in this company have a willingness to help wherever possible. My hope is that I am able to add value in whatever capacity I am able to. The culture at Altia is something to be proud of and I am working towards being a part of that in the long term.” He hopes to become a QA Process Analyst in a full-time position and keep working towards continuously improving our processes and procedures so that we can achieve ASPICE Level 2 and 3 in the near future.

Evan Ide, Colorado State University
Evan is a Computer Science major at Colorado State University. He is thrilled to be working with code in a professional environment while interning at Altia. He says, “The scale of the projects at Altia are orders of magnitude larger than anything that I’ve done previously, so it’s cool to see how the parts of a larger system work together.  I also want to learn how software development works in a team environment and build relationships with experienced developers.” Evan will graduate in December 2022 from CSU.

Arrenia (Reni) Penick, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
Reni is going to be a senior at UCCS studying Computer Science. She loves that with Computer Science, you have to think creatively and critically to solve problems and there is always something new to learn. Reni and Daniel are working on the Product Development Team, specifically with DeepScreen optimization.

Daniel Mitchell, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
Daniel just graduated in May 2021 with a B.S. in Mathematics and a Minor in Computer Science. While interning with Altia, he hopes to gain proficiency in the software development lifecycle and learn a variety of software development tools. After his internship concludes, he hopes to apply to a variety of software development jobs in the Colorado Springs area and make more connections that way.

Two of our college interns, Faith and Thao, are working with the Project Management team—Dee Kinsey, Portfolio Manager and Scott Ganshert, Senior Project Manager. Each Wednesday, Dee and Scott conduct custom workshops for Faith and Thao. Some of the workshops have included how to use Microsoft Project and how to work their personal strengths into their management style and how to build healthy project management habits.

Faith Macklen, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
Faith is majoring in Management and also working on a minor in Information Systems. While interning on the Project Management team, she hopes to experience multiple facets of Altia as a company and learn how to balance the multitude of responsibilities the Project Management teams see, while also needing to facilitate teamwork and comradery amongst team members.

Thao Nguyen, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
Thao is going to be a senior at UCCS and she is studying Business and Information Systems. She enjoys that her major covers the overall knowledge of technology and business at the same time. While at Altia, she hopes to gain skills in software project management and also teamworking skills.

High School Interns

Our four high school students just finished their first project conducting market research for the Product Marketing team. They took a deep dive into learning about and comparing top microcontrollers, real-time operating systems (RTOSs) and toolchains.

Jeff Urkevich, Director of Product Marketing, supervised the four students on their first project and shared, “Kai, Jacob, Emilio, and Quinn did a fantastic job on their research project and it was a pleasure to work with them. The results they delivered will benefit Altia for a long time to come.” Their second project will be working with Product Engineering and Altia Design and DeepScreen.

Jacob Brown, Harrison High School
Jacob is going to be a senior in high school next year. Currently, his favorite class in school is IB DP SL Mathematics because it is a challenging and fun course taught with real world applications. During his internship with Altia, he is hoping to gain experience working at a tech company before wrapping up his last year of high school. He also participates in track and cross county as extracurricular activities.

Kai Kraemer, Coronado High School
Next year, Kai is going to major in Economics at Northwestern University. He’s excited about Economics because it combines a lot of his interests. While interning with Altia, Kai hopes to gain experience in a professional workplace and also learn some coding basics.

Quinn Conger, St. Mary’s High School
Quinn is heading off to Colorado State University next year to study Computer Engineering. He had the opportunity to experience both electrical engineering and coding during high school, so he’s excited to build upon those skills this summer at Altia.

Emilio Quintana, Harrison High School
Emilio is a junior and already has a passion for all things automotive. So far in high school, he’s been able to take automotive classes and he plans to go into automotive engineering in the future. During his time at Altia, Emilio is excited to learn about the behind-the-scenes automotive tech and also get some hands-on coding experience.

We have loved having all of our interns working side-by-side with our Colorado Springs staff. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

To apply for an internship at Altia, send your resume to [email protected].