Your bright ideas…now in Dark Mode.

Whether you are looking to reduce eye strain, increase your focus or just love the look of your Altia canvas on a black background, we have you covered in Altia Design 13.2.

Coding and designing software for long hours can be tough on your eyes, but Dark Mode can help. Recent studies have found that utilizing a dark mode option significantly reduces visual fatigue and improves visual acuity in people who spend significant amounts of time in front of a screen. Software with a dark mode option can also improve usability in dark environments—we all know at least a few programmers or designers who prefer to work in the dark.

Jeff Urkevich, Director of Product Marketing at Altia shared, “We are proud to announce the addition of Dark Mode in the latest release of Altia Design. This new feature will reduce visual fatigue and improve visual acuity for GUI designers. Our world-class design tool is now easier on your eyes!”.

Check out our Dark Mode release video below for a sneak peek into the brand-new feature. If you’re interested in upgrading to Version 13.2, email your local FAE or contact [email protected].