It is definitely not a secret that the chip shortage is real — and making it very complicated (if not impossible) for companies to get their products out the door.

We know production must continue. Smart companies are already working to get ahead of the forecasted shortage that could slow, stall or stop their production lines.

Altia’s CEO, Mike Juran, wrote about this very issue in a recent article for — “When Chips Run Low, Smart HMI Design Saves the Day”.

“Smart product design includes a plan to be flexible when silicon becomes scarce so the OEM can rapidly pivot their HMI to other chips. OEMs must remember that when selecting chips; choices they make at the design phase can have repercussions across their entire business.” — Mike Juran

As automakers look ahead toward production schedules and try to predict availability of critical hardware for their embedded displays, our team is helping them to map out solutions that will allow them to remain in production. For example, some Tier 1 suppliers are taking existing user interfaces and generating code for a wide range of DeepScreen targets to find hardware that they can use to keep their production lines from grinding to a halt.

Our team is actively working with Altia DeepScreen users to explore alternative hardware for their HMIs among the chips that are more readily available right now

If you’re concerned about the availability of your hardware and want to explore your options, please get in touch today.