We are excited to announce Altia Design 13.2 for Windows 10! This new release offers an improved user experience and new features to help you design even better products more efficiently.

In the coming weeks we will be hosting a Altia Design 13.2 webinar. Our Altia experts will provide a tour of our latest release and answer questions from attendees during this live event. Email us if you would like an exclusive invitation!

Here is what you will find in Altia Design 13.2…

New Dynamic List Object

This powerful new feature allows the creation of highly customized lists with numerous layout options. Create everything from the simplest of lists to the most highly advanced – with fully customizable behaviors and layout options In addition, the Dynamic List Object allows the easy creation of dynamic arrays and grids of like objects.

Support for Color Font Glyphs such as Color Emojis

Altia Design 13.2 brings new depth to your communication GUIs with color emoji support! This new support will add an engaging look and feel to your GUI – giving your customers the capability to send and receive incredibly expressive messages.

New Resource Manager Features

These new features are designed to make you more efficient. Altia Design 13.2 offers full drag-and-drop support for Project resources, including powerful options to automatically create Image Objects and Decks when dragging image files onto the Canvas.

New Material Blend Modes for the 3D Object – Screen, Multiply and Additive

In Altia Design 13.2, you will find full support for 3D pre-multiplied alpha blending as well as new material blend modes including Additive, Multiply and Screen. These advanced effects will allow you to implement your unique design vision more easily.

Important Defects Addressed

At Altia, our commitment to provide the highest quality software products to our customers is paramount. In Altia Design 13.2, we have addressed seventeen product defects to ensure that our quality standards remain unmatched in the industry.

If you are interested in upgrading to Altia Design 13.2, please email your local FAE team or contact [email protected].

Want to join us for our exclusive Altia Design 13.2 webinar? Email us and we will send you the details.