Altia will join leading automotive innovators at the Autotech Council “Innovation in Motion” meeting and showcase on Friday, December 6th at the Alliance Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley, California.

“With advances in ADAS, our increasingly digital lives, streaming content, connected cars, new technologies, and even automobile purchasing and insurance, the way we interact with our cars and our car ownership is in rapid flux. This spells both opportunity and competition for automakers, keen to be quick to deploy the solutions that car owners want the most. Our UX meeting will examine the changes in auto User Experience.”

The Altia team will be on site at the show to talk about how our end-to-end digital HMI software and services offer automotive companies around the world deliver a first-class user experience for production clusters, head-up displays, radios, infotainment systems and beyond.

Designed into over 100M vehicles worldwide, Altia HMI development software in an automotive industry standard. Altia Design, our HMI editor, offers advanced features including 3D, global language support, a built-in Validator to find errors in graphical models during development and much more. Altia DeepScreen, our graphics code generator, outputs production-ready ANSI C code that is optimized to leverage the full feature set of targeted hardware, offering high performance and small footprint. With partnerships with the industry’s leading silicon and operating system vendors, company-wide initiatives for quality and functional safety and a top-notch engineering services team ready to support any and all phases of the user interface development lifecycle, Altia is the clear choice for safe and successful automotive HMI production programs.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us at Autotech Council’s meeting on December 6th, click hereWant to learn more about how Altia can help you with your next HMI? Email us at [email protected].

Learn more about Autotech Council and their December 6th Innovation in Motion meeting here.

See you in Silicon Valley!