Altia GUI Solutions for Texas Instruments AM62x Sitara™ Processors

Altia offers a powerful GUI editor and automatic code generators for the TI Arm®-based AM62x family of processors, which target a broad range of industrial and automotive applications.

Full-Featured GUIs When Power is Precious

Altia’s GUI development software enables low power consumption and high frame per second (FPS) performance for designing and deploying graphical displays with TI AM62x.

Altia Toolchain Flow-01

How Altia Optimizes GUIs for TI AM62x

  • The Altia toolchain includes a time-saving workflow for faster time to market
  • Altia’s pixels-to-production solution delivers artists’ assets to hardware
  • Altia Design enables teams to design and develop a full-featured, custom UX
  • Altia DeepScreen code generator is architected to leverage all on-chip resources
  • Altia generates production-ready C code that consumes minimal memory
  • Altia CloudWare™ enables cloud-based design and development on TI AM62x
  • Altia Engineering Services is available to support any and all parts of your embedded GUI project

Altia and TI AM62x—High Impact GUIs for Low Power Systems

Altia is proud to provide GUI design and highly optimized code generation solutions for the TI AM62x. See Altia in action on TI Sitara™ today.

Download our QuickStart Guide for Health Monitor and Instrument Cluster Demos

Learn more about Altia Electric Vehicle Charging Station GUIs on TI AM62x

Get Started with Altia

Altia provides the software, services and expertise to get your next embedded user interface into production. Click here to discover the best plan to support your project goals.

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