On-Demand Webinar: Altia HMI Solutions for Infineon TRAVEO™ T2G

Altia and Infineon: A Production-Proven Combination

In this on-demand presentation, Altia and Infineon will showcase Altia’s solution for the Infineon TRAVEO™ T2G, featuring a digital cluster demo that Infineon had defined as a requirement for their HMI Partner Certification Program. Altia achieved certification by demonstrating optimized use of the features of the TRAVEO™ T2G board with Altia DeepScreen-generated code for TRAVEO™ T2G.

Register for this webinar to:

  • See the Altia-Infineon combined cluster solution in action
  • Learn about the Altia HMI development workflow—starting with assets from Adobe Photoshop and ending with generated code running on TRAVEO™ T2G hardware
  • Get informed about the Infineon TRAVEO™ T2G microcontroller—its features and applications—as well as the Altia-Infineon partnership
  • Discover how the unique architecture of the Altia DeepScreen code generation solution for TRAVEO™ T2G delivers top performance for production automotive HMIs


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Altia HMI Solutions for Infineon TRAVEO™ T2G

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