Altia Design 12.3 is now available! Here’s what’s new in the latest release of our GUI editor…

Have you tried Altia 3D?

All Altia Design 12.3 users can leverage the power of Altia 3D for their next generation user interface. Learn more about Altia 3D here.

Enhanced 3D Workflow and Collaboration

With Altia Design 12.3, developers using Altia 3D can export any portion of a 3D scene to a single external 3D file. The 3D file can be imported into another Altia 3D scene or seamlessly integrated with other 3D files to form a complete user interface. This update empowers groups of developers to collaborate with incredible efficiency and flexibility.

The External 3D Scene Node – also new to Altia Design 12.3 – allows developers to easily update portions of 3D scenes during development or even all the way up to when the car is on the road. For example, when an OEM develops a cluster GUI with a 3D avatar representing the vehicle, that content can be updated to reflect the exact color and trim package at production time.

Usability Enhancements

Timeline keyframes have multi-select capability, which means that users can now…

  • Move or delete multiple keyframes simultaneously
  • Compress or expand the keyframe range
  • Invert keyframe order

These new capabilities improve usability and accelerate development of models with timeline animations.

For more information about Altia Design 12.3, click here. For more information about Altia Design 12.3, email [email protected].