Today, Renesas announced its high-performance R-Car D3 automotive infotainment SoC to the world at the Renesas R-Car Consortium in Tokyo. Key features of this new SoC — as noted by Renesas in their press release about the new product — include a 3D graphics core which enables high-performance HMIs plus a reduced system development cost equivalent to those of existing 2D cluster systems.

Altia showcased our own 3D cluster demo on Renesas R-Car D3 at the R-Car Consortium event today! Check it out here:

Altia is a perfect HMI development solution for this new target — with outstanding advanced 3D capabilities and graphics code optimized to leverage on-chip resources of the target. Additionally, Altia’s quality and safety standards are rooted in ASPICE and ISO 26262 processes, which is necessary to deliver safety-critical embedded displays like the clusters for which the R-Car D3 was designed.

Renesas quoted Altia VP of Global Engineering Services, Lynwood Stanley, in their press announcement today about the pairing of Altia’s HMI development software with the R-Car D3.

“For practical implementation of autonomous driving, the instrument cluster needs to instantly, accurately, and safely report a wide variety of information to the driver. The Renesas R-Car D3, which provides powerful graphics capabilities and critical functional safety features for instrument clusters, is expected to revolutionize the 3D cluster user experience,” said Lynwood Stanley, Vice President of Global Engineering Services at Altia. “Altia is using our DeepScreen code generator, which optimizes the HMI code, for the Renesas R-Car with the goal to deliver the highest-performance embedded HMIs to the market.”

Altia’s 3D cluster demo running on R-Car D3 will also be on display at the first ever European R-Car Consortium event on Thursday, November 9th in Düsseldorf. Stop by our booth at the event to see it in action — or, for more information, email us at [email protected].