Altia Font Modules Offer Improved Flexibility with Monotype Font Technologies for Legible Fonts on Globalized GUIs

With the release of Altia Design 11.4, Altia announces a new series of products, Font Modules. Altia Font Modules provide a gateway into the wide array of Monotype fonts and embedded font rendering software. Altia Font Modules are plug-in combinations of Font Engines and Shaping Engines that let users choose the right combination of Monotype solutions to deliver beautiful, legible text for global languages at the smallest possible footprint. These products are key for controlling appearance, memory size and performance of text that will display on embedded targets. Companies using Monotype’s font engine and shaping engine technologies can now leverage Altia Font Modules to deliver pin-sharp text for their production embedded displays. Monotype is a leader in helping to empower expression and engagement through type, technology and expertise.

Altia Font Modules support the following combinations of Monotype font engines and shaping engines to achieve the best combination of storage on chip and appearance on display.

  • Monotype® iType® Font Engine with ICU (open source layout/shaper)
  • Monotype iType Font Engine with Monotype WorldType® Shaper Software
  • Monotype iType Spark™ Software with Monotype WorldType Shaper Spark Software
  • Monotype iType Spark Software with ICU (open source layout/shaper)

Altia Font Modules combined with Monotype font technologies offer these key benefits for embedded GUI development.

  • Support for most written languages
  • Support for any text size at any resolution
  • Font linking for optimized compression, font management and global script support
  • Compression available for reduced font file sizes
  • Hint processing for best font quality
  • Lightweight integrations for low end hardware
  • Full-featured combinations for the most complex font needs
  • Dynamic scaling and rasterization of glyphs from TrueType font files
  • Variety of output modes, including 1-bit monochrome, 2/4/6/8-bit grayscale, and outline

“Altia is an important partner that helps us serve our embedded display customers,” said Brett Zucker, senior vice president of product management and marketing at Monotype. “Altia’s toolset is tightly integrated with Monotype’s embedded type technology, and together they enable customers to create legible and aesthetically pleasing displays that convey consistent brand messaging to users around the world, even in resource-constrained environments.”

Embedded hardware supported by Altia Font Modules includes, but is not limited to, the following processors.

  • Cypress Traveo S6J3200 (Spansion Amber-P)
  • NXP VFxxx (Vybrid)
  • NXP i.MX 6
  • Renesas D1Mx
  • Renesas R-Car D1H
  • Renesas R-Car E2
  • Renesas RZ/A1H
  • Windows

For a complete list of hardware support or additional details about Font Modules and the various Font and Shaping Engines supported, click here.

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