A few days ago, we posted details about the upcoming “Race to the Clouds” which will take place on June 25, 2017 in Colorado Springs – Altia’s hometown. In the Pikes Peak Exhibition Class, the Tesla Model S P100D will take on a true up-and-comer in automotive, the Faraday Future FF91.

We just can’t wait to see what the Faraday Future FF91 will bring to the race. Since its unveiling at CES 2017, we’re intrigued and excited by the innovative feature stack in this car.

Take a look at this “Faraday Future First Look” for a tour of all this new EV has to offer. (Be sure to check out the HUD at 1:28! It’s gorgeous!)

The FF91 Arrival Interface was also introduced to the world on Twitter. This stunning display — with the help of Bluetooth and facial recognition technology — makes the car’s owner the “key” to the car. Awesome!

Faraday has most definitely designed for the Future — with revolutionary new features, cutting edge capabilities, crazy cool design and technology that places this vehicle at the forefront of automotive innovation.

For Faraday, the company, its goals for both building their car company and getting the FF91 into production are certainly ambitious – and they still have quite a hill to climb. The “race to the clouds” this June is the perfect metaphor for Faraday’s journey. We at Altia have great hopes that they’ll emerge victorious all around.