In a recent survey of Altia employees, we took a look at the culture of the company and defined our corporate values. The results of the survey are impressive — but come as no surprise.

These are the corporate values defined by Altia’s global team.


  • Results Driven: We are responsible and accountable and we get stuff done. We own it!
  • Customer Focused: We find a way to help customers solve their business challenges.
  • Solutions Focused: We provide QUALITY and functionally safe solutions. We don’t just “check the box”.
  • Passionate: We love what we do and it shows in our work.
  • Innovative: We learn and are not afraid to try. We look for better way to do things.

Everyone Matters

  • Respect: Everyone has a voice. We appreciate diversity and input from others
  • Collaboration: We share information and look for win-wins.
  • Team: We realize it takes a team – no one does it on their own.
  • Friendly / Caring: We make time to help.
  • Utility: What we do gets used.

Great Place to Work

  • Integrity and Transparency: We are honest, candid and do the right thing.
  • Flexibility: We appreciate alternative ways of doing things and getting things done.
  • Speed: We move fast and smart. We anticipate and don’t wait to be told.
  • Cool Technology: We value solid, creative engineering done right.
  • Challenging: We value challenge, have a sense of urgency and commit to “finding a way”.

It’s true! Each member of the Altia team takes ownership in the success of our customers and our company. At Altia, everyone matters. This truly is a great place to work.

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