Altia announces code generation support for Cypress Traveo S6J32DA, formerly known as the Spansion Amethyst. Two versions of this code generation target are available. The first, which supports 4-bit grayscale only, is a super optimized software-rendered pipeline for the Cypress S6J32DA. By focusing on grayscale for this product, DeepScreen gets nuanced designs down to incredibly small memory sizes. This target utilizes the OSEK AUTOSAR real-time operating system, a mature automotive standard which offers configurable and scalable architecture. The second version of Altia’s code generation target leverages the IRIS 1.0 graphics pipeline for driving rich color graphic displays for all type of applications.

The Cypress Traveo S6J32DA is a member of the Traveo microcontroller (MCU) family that provides automotive manufacturers with a cost-effective platform to deliver advanced functionality for dashboards, head-up displays and HVAC systems. The Cypress Traveo S6J32DA includes the ARM Cortex-R5 processor, 1 MB of internal flash and 192 kB of internal RAM.

The Altia DeepScreen targets for Cypress Traveo S6J32DA have been carefully architected to make the most of the resources available on chip, thus enabling its customers to deliver high end automotive user interfaces to the mass market.

For more information about the Altia DeepScreen target for Cypress Traveo S6J32DA, email [email protected].