Altia Design 11.3 — the latest release of our GUI editor — is available today!

In this new release of our GUI editor, we have added new features and enhancements that will make user interface design and development simpler and more powerful than ever before.

Here’s what you will find in Altia Design 11.3:

  • Mask Object – Gives users the capability to create cool, dynamic graphics and animations quickly and easily.
  • Demo Launcher – New companion tool that offers Altia users a simple way to check out pre-configured Altia demo executables and source design files right from the editor.
  • 3D Scene Object –Updated with improved iconography, new animation list, streamlined 3D view and brand new editor for adjusting light intensity – making integration of 3D content into your Altia Design even easier

In addition to our GUI Editor updates, our DeepScreen target teams have been hard at work improving Altia code generation for speed, memory and performance.

Updates to existing code generation targets from Altera, Android, Cypress Semiconductor, Freescale, Panasonic, Renesas, Spansion, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and Yamaha are now available.

We’ve also gotten our DeepScreen-generated code running on new hardware as well, including STM32F7, Renesas R-Car, Renesas D1x, Cypress Traveo S6J3200 (Spansion Amber), Freescale i.MX 28…and the list goes on.

Learn more about Altia Design 11.3 here or email us at [email protected].