Altia GUI Development Software and STM32 have been selected for production embedded GUI programs in both automotive and medical — and the combined solution is in the final selection phases at key industrial device manufacturers. Read more in our recent press release.

The STM32 F Series is a low cost family of processors purpose-built for production embedded displays. The family offers two key benefits for companies seeking to implement a GUI on their device — low power consumption and low price point.

What makes Altia the best GUI development solution for STM32?

  1. Altia supports a wide range of STM32 F Series targets — including F1 Series, F4 Series and F7 Series.
  2. Graphics code generated by Altia DeepScreen is optimized to take full advantage of on-chip resources.
  3. DeepScreen generates pure C source code. No mystery engines or slow interpreted languages to bog down performance.
  4. Altia generates code only for the graphical assets needed. This saves memory, boosts performance and means less code to validate and certify.

How does Altia do it? Get the details here.

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