How Microsoft’s Continuum Is Changing the Future of UI

Mobile devices are more popular than ever. Nearly everyone carries a phone, tablet or some other type of wearable technology. And if Microsoft has its way, Windows 10 Continuum will be all you need to continue your computing experience – only without the computer.

Continuum is Microsoft’s single platform solution that will essentially empower customers to use phones as desktop computers. Continuum alerts Windows 10 and notifies the operating system of the device type being used. The device quickly adjusts the interface to fit on a phone, desktop or tablet in a way that complements the user’s activities at the time. In other words, Continuum allows Windows to match your device and change the screen’s appearance to work perfectly within it.

Consider, for example, a user with a tablet running Windows; the operating system will switch to a full-screen experience that’s optimized for the app being used. If the user has a mouse and keyboard attached, Windows will automatically switch the apps to an experience that’s optimized for desktop use. Users will quickly realize a seamless experience from one device to the next.

Imagine the potential applications for such technology. Users can interact with desktop computers while away from their homes or offices via a car GPS embedded with a Microsoft operating system or a smartwatch. Continuum creates a virtual stream from device to device, enabling forms of accessibility, connectivity and productivity previously thought implausible.

Continuum is evolving the multiplatform computing experience by providing a single-device operating system that will be the first of its kind. It’s more than likely that hardware companies will gravitate toward this concept for future products. Up until now, many applications and products were only accessible on one particular device or platform. With Continuum, the wall has been torn down.

It’s safe to assume this somewhat startling fact: the way in which we interact with apps and data has shifted permanently. When Continuum hits the marketplace, the world will get a taste of a unique operating system that shines in multiple modes, while smoothly transitioning between them. And as UI developers and designers prepare to take on the challenges of creating single-device technology solutions, other industries are sure to follow, forever changing the landscape of UI.