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New car dash LCD displays break the moldUX/UI News

Sharp has designers thinking outside the box with their newly developed process for creating LCD displays. No longer limited to rectangular screens, these displays will require only one flat side, opening doorways to enhanced designs and more plentiful screen space.

For a closer look, check out Jason Torchinsky’s recent article for Jalopnik, Car Dash Designers Are Finally Free from the Prison of Rectangular LCDs

Smart lawn sprinklers save money and water

Now you can grow your grass and shrink your water bill at the same time. The Skydrop sprinkler controller helps users to “water smarter” by monitoring soil conditions and local weather via wifi and establishing optimum watering schedules based on collected data.

To learn more about Skydrop, visit the site at

Altia CEO to discuss economics of successful automotive GUI


Altia Incorporated, the leading provider of user interface development software for embedded displays, will present “The Surprising Economics of Successful Automotive GUIs” in a live webcast on Thursday, October 30 from 10:00 – 10:30 AM EDT (4:00 – 4:30 PM CEST).

Altia CEO Mike Juran will discuss topics including:

  • Automotive GUI trends for 2015 and beyond
  • Moore’s Law for automotive GUIs
  • The effects of the automotive supply chain on GUI development
  • The emergence of GUIs in mass market vehicles
  • See the full list of topics here

You can register for the live webcast here.

Grocery store checkout dividers get interesting

Just when you thought standing in line at the grocery store couldn’t get any more exciting… The plastic dividers used on grocery store conveyers have gone digital. A Swedish company named Motion Display has plans to bring 30 second animated advertisements to a checkout lane near you.

Find out more in this Gizmodo article from Andrew Liszewski: Animated Ads Are Coming to Grocery Store Checkout Dividers, Enjoy!